ZipTour Construction Is Underway

Fall colors are finally here and work on both the ZipTour and preparations for the ski season continue.

Since our announcement of receiving approval to begin the foundations work on the ZipTour project, our staff has been busy laying out the 8 tower bases. Each tower that will hold the cable consists of concrete reinforced with 1” rebar and has to be laid out by hand and then formed and poured in place. Our team has been hard at work with the goal of getting as many tower bases done as possible before the weather sets in and makes access difficult.

Our ZipTour will feature 4 spans of increasing lengths, with the longest span running from the top of West Mtn to the other side of our main snowmaking pond in the valley below. Part of our focus with this project is showcasing the spectacular views, and diverse woods and fields that make up our property with the ZipTour seamlessly transitioning into the surrounding environment once complete.

Construction is on track to be completed in the spring of 2019 and we cannot wait until our first guests are zipping over and around the valley.

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