Spring and ZipTour!

Spring is here and even though we have put away our skis for the season, work has not stopped as we continue to make progress on the ZipTour construction. Our crew has been busy since last fall with clearing the span lines and pouring the towers and deck foundations. Many of you probably noticed towers going up during the winter season as we took advantage of warmer weather days to continue making progress. We are happy to announce that we have poured all 8 of the towers and have started setting deck footings and installing the span cables. Our ZipTour will consist of 4 separate spans and each span will feature two parallel cables. One of the cool innovations that a ZipTour offers over a traditional zipline is the opportunity to stop at any point along the cable and then continue to the bottom platform without the fear of coming up short. A patented braking system inside the trolley combined with a high-tension cable makes this possible. Riders will be able to zip with a friend right next to them and enjoy the views together or race to the bottom.

We do not have an official opening date yet, but we are planning to kick off operations in late May. Hidden Valley will be open to everyone, with plans to operate Gateway lift as a scenic lift to the top of our main summit. Zipline guests will ride Gateway twice to complete the course, but everyone will be welcome to ride to the top and catch a glimpse of the St. Louis skyline or take a nature walk back to the lodge. Our bar and café will be open daily, and we will be offering a special summer menu with fresh ingredients and lighter fare along with classic dishes. Our bar will feature rotating seasonal drafts and one of the best views West St. Louis has to offer. We will keep you posted as we get closer to opening day! 

Pouring the bottom tower for span #3


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