May Update

Rain, rain, go away. Dealing with the elements is nothing new for Hidden Valley and while the weather has been wet, our crews continue to push towards finishing the ZipTour construction! All 8 cables are now up, and deck builds are well underway. Our Gateway lift is being prepped for summer operations and will be the primary way for guests to access the top of spans #2 and #4.

Over the next weeks we will profile each span that takes you over and through the woods and hills that make up our 250-acre property. Hidden Valley has an abundance of wildlife with deer, turkeys and other animals that enjoy the grass covered slopes and thick woods around the ski area. Span #3 will be the best opportunity to spot wildlife as you zip across three ski runs and next to our largest snowmaking pond on one of the Midwest’s longest zipline spans. A really cool innovation with the ZipTour is the ability to slow down or stop at any point on the line and then continue without fear of coming up short. Each rider will control his or her own speed using the specially designed trolley, so there is no hand braking or slamming into a rope brake at the end of each span.

Do your sunshine dance and check back next week when we dive into the entire tour with detailed pictures and key stats for each line. 


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