Mountain Safety

Skiing and Snowboarding can be enjoyed in various way such as alpine, snowboard, telemark, and other specialized equipment. Regardless of how you decide to enjoy the slopes, always show courtesy to others and be aware that there are elements of risk in skiing that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce
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Etiquette & Behavior

  • Be courteous to and respect of others. Do not use rude language and/or behavior.
  • No carry-in beer and alcoholic beverages will be allowed on Hidden Valley premises. Such beverages may be confiscated.
  • Do not bring skis, snowboards or poles into the lodge.
  • "Brown Bagging" is allowed only in restricted areas.
  • Follow Your Responsibility Code. Do not sit at the top of the run in such a way as to block the starting area or otherwise obstruct any area of the slope.
  • Do not abuse rental equipment. Do not go on dry pavement with skis on.
  • Snowball throwing will not be tolerated on Hidden Valley property.
  • A ski area representative (including any employee in uniform, not just Ski Patrollers) upon finding a person skiing/riding in a careless, inappropriate or reckless manner, could dispense consequences ranging from a one-on-one Safety Awareness Seminar with a Ski Patroller to a lifetime suspension from Hidden Valley. So take it easy out there. Give people some space!

These actions may not be construed to create an affirmative duty on the part of the ski area operator to protect skiers from their own or from another skier's carelessness or recklessness. If you do not agree with the above, then do not use the facilities at our ski area.

Skiing in its various forms, including the use of snowboards and snow skates, is a dangerous sport with inherent risks. These risks include loading, riding and unloading from ski lifts, variations in snow, steepness and terrain, ice, moguls, rocks, trees and other forms of forest growth and debris (above or below the surface), bare spots, lift towers, utility lines an poles, fencing, snowmaking and snow grooming equipment, and other forms of natural or man-made obstacles on and off designated trails, as well as collisions with equipment, obstacles or other skiers. Trail conditions vary constantly due to weather changes and skier use. Inherent in the sport is the risk of permanent, catastrophic injury or death.

Accepting these risks is a part of the challenge of man against the mountain and the elements. To enjoy skiing, you must also know and be willing to accept the limits of your ability. Skiing challenges your physical condition and may cause stress. You will reduce the risk of skiing and enjoy it more if you are in good physical condition.

Ski and Board Safely at Hidden Valley

a snowboarder doing a big jump
Terrain Park Safety

Smart Style

Smart Style is a terrain park specific safety program that you should check out before using terrain parks. Be sure you Know the Code, too: Your Responsibility Code provides safety tips while on the slopes.

The Four Main Points of Smart Style:

a snowmaking machine blow snow on the mountain


  • Every time you use Freestyle Terrain, make a plan for each feature you want to use.
  • Your speed, approach and takeoff will directly affect your maneuver and landing.


  • Before getting into freestyle terrain observe all signage and warnings
  • Scope around the jumps first not over them
  • Use your first run as a warm up run and to familiarize yourself with the terrain
  • Be aware that the features change constantly due to weather, usage, grooming and time of day
  • Do not jump blindly and use a spotter when necessary


  • Know your limits and ski/ride within your ability level
  • Look for small progression parks or features to begin with and work your way up
  • Freestyle skills require maintaining control on the ground and in the air
  • Do not attempt any features unless you have sufficient ability and experience to do so safely
  • Inverted aerials increase your risk of injury and are not recommended


  • Respect the terrain and others
  • One person on a feature at a time
  • Wait your turn and call your start
  • Always clear the landing area quickly
  • Respect all signs and stay off closed terrain and features
  • For more hints on how to Smart Style it, including Stuff to Know, the ATML method, Vocab, and helpful videos, check out the Terrain Park Safety Website
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