Tips For You

First Timer's Guide

Everyone learns at different paces. It is important to keep your expectations reasonable. This way both you and your children will have a successful and rewarding experience on the snow.


Some factors that can affect learning to ski or snowboard include:

  • Temperament (how open you are to new things)
  • Age
  • Physical ability

Both skiing and snowboarding take specialized skills that improve with practice over time. Ultimately, your expectations for you or your kids should focus on the fun and excitement of the overall experience. Learning takes time. Remember to have fun!

But, Not Too Much

You may not need as many layers of clothing as you think. On a sunny day, you may only need two layers - the waterproof outer layer and the turtleneck/long underwear first layer. But bring a middle layer (fleece or wool sweater) just in case. You can always take off clothes as you get warmer.
Interested in more info, check this out: In general, the three main layers:

  • Wicking (worn next to your skin)
  • Insulating (middle layer that keeps the cold out)
  • Weather protection (exterior layer or guard against the elements)