Tips For You

First Timer's Guide

Everyone learns at different paces. It is important to keep your expectations reasonable. This way both you and your children will have a successful and rewarding experience on the snow.


We are excited to welcome you and even more excited that you are trying a new activity.

One of the best ways to ensure a positive experience is to dress appropriately. Staying warm and dry will help keep you comfortable, safe, and having fun!

Dress in layers! You can add or remove as needed.

Sun protection: Even when it is overcast, it is important to protect any exposed skin from the sun. Remember to reapply every 2 hours!

Change of clothes: In case your clothing gets wet or you want a warm set of clothing to change into after your lesson.

Neck warmer: Recommended in colder temps. You can purchase one, along with other cold weather items, in the Retail Shop.

Snacks: Make sure you have the energy to be great out there! Our dining options have a wide selection of snacks that are great to sit down and eat, or throw in a pocket and have out on the slopes! Learn more about dining options.


Lifts & Tickets

Lift Ticket: Ticket required for all on-hill ski & snowboard access. Lift tickets can be purchased online or at the ticket office and are non-transferrable.

Ticket Scanner: Employee at the base area of the hill that will scan your ticket before you access the hill.

Carpet Lift or Magic Carpet: Surface lift similar to a conveyor belt built into the ground. Walk onto this lift, stand still with skis or snowboard pointing forward while lift moves you to the top.

Rope Tow: A form of surface lift that utilizes a constantly moving rope. Point skis or snowboard straight uphill, grab rope tightly and allow rope to pull you uphill as you stand on your skis or snowboard.

Grooming & Snowmaking

Grooming, groomer or groomed terrain: The most common form of trail maintenance, done to spread new snow and to smooth over bumps, icy patches and other obstacles. To groom, tractors known as Snowcats drag giant rakes over the snow.

Snowcat: A large vehicle capable of moving on snow. Most commonly used to move snow around the hill and groom terrain. At Hidden Valley, we do not operate snowcats while we are open to the public.

Snow gun: A device used to make man-made snow by forcing water and pressurized air through a cannon-like machine.

Terrain Parks

Terrain Park: A freestyle zone roped off from other downhill runs and filled with jumps, rails, fun boxes, and other assorted obstacles. Parks can also include a halfpipe and boardercross run.

Moguls: Bumps carved into the snow; typically they are created by the turns of skiers, but they can also be carved out for perfectly shaped mogul field. Generally for intermediate to advanced skiers.

More Beginner Terms

Balaclava: A facemask worn to cover exposed skin. Helpful in colder temperatures.

Pizza/French Fries: Slang term for an elementary skiing technique where skis are tilted together like a slice of pizza to snowplow down a slope or parallel, side by side like a French fry.

Ski Patrol: Trained skiers and snowboarders responsible for slope safety, including marking dangerous obstacles on/near a trail, and assisting or even carting injured riders down a mountain.

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